Oishi Group’s newest buffet chain store addition required staff uniforms befitting its premium 4-star hotel buffet positioning. Its first store debuted with d.a.p.p’s specially designed pin-striped fabric and quick-release chef jacket fabric material.


“It’s finger lickin’ good” branded campaign needed to spillover onto younger customers nationwide. d.a.p.p quickly translated KFC’s warm personality into casual tees, denim shirts and aprons, bomber jackets finished with caps and handkerchiefs. Crisp and colourful like its fried chicken wings, staffers and customers alike, appreciated the uniform’s new vibes.

Loong Yai

A popular local steakhouse had recently refreshed its “Loongyai” character icon and it needed to be incorporated into office’s staff and service team uniforms. The new multidimensional “Loongyai” icons patched onto waitstaff t-shirt and manager shirt pockets, chef jackets and aprons.


MAiSEN, an upscale Japanese restaurant part of S&P Group gave us a uniform brief to reflect Master Japanese Branding. The original design was to remain unchanged, but adapted to fit in with local Thai environment – in both weather and care. Staff wore comfortable cotton oxford shirts while managers were treated to a spandex blended […]

See Fah

Contemporary furniture wrapped around a modern interior brings out the heritage of SeeFah—well-known for its roasted duck dishes since 1963. In order to stand-out from the interior’s dark brown shades, waitstaff wore our pinstripe white denim style aprons over their casual top-dyed polo shirts.


The Surface Kitchen serves up tasty treats with a European twist in cozy settings. A Modern Chef Coat design was chosen for its customization, seamlessly blending in with the service staff’s chic Denim Shirt.

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